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Rockabilly Deluxe current issue

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Issue #6;

Music: The Octanes, Screamin' Rebel Angels, The Chop Tops
Lacey McCool: Rockabilly Havoc
Barber Shops and Salons: Big Kat's and Kat's Meow, Vanity Vixen
Susana Clark: Green Orchid
Keith Harman (UK): The Hot Rod Hayride
Pin ups: Amandita Garcia, Victoria Va-Vrom, Rockwell DeVil
Fashion Spread: Rumble 59 (Germany)
Artist: Heather New
Burlesque: Loulou D'vil
Fashion: V-Male Detroit Vintage
MUAH Artist: Madison Jane
Rollergirls: Dusty Doublewide
Vinyl-only review with Del Villarreal